Multiple Premesis Portfolio

Multiple Premesis Portfolio Insurance is an insurance policy designed to protect a company’s investments and liabilities across multiple different locations.

It is a comprehensive form of coverage that protects businesses when they are dealing with various risks associated with multiple premises, such as fire, theft, natural disasters, and vandalism. This type of insurance covers all the costs incurred by the business in the event of an accident that causes physical damage to any of its properties or its contents.

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For companies that operate in many different locations, having Multiple Premesis Portfolio Insurance can be beneficial in terms of providing peace of mind and financial security. By taking out this policy, businesses can rest assured that their investments are protected no matter what unexpected events may occur. Having this coverage in place can also give companies freedom from worrying about potential losses due to unforeseen circumstances.

This type of insurance typically includes retail establishments, manufacturing facilities, offices, warehouses, storage units, and other rental properties as part of its scope. Coverage options may vary depending on the needs and size of each business but usually include property damage caused by fire and lightning strikes; water damage resulting from floods or burst pipes; liability protection against accidents that occur onsite; or burglary coverage for nighttime theft incidents. The policy also typically covers equipment failures related to electrical systems or mechanical breakdowns associated with machinery used in daily operations.

In addition to protecting a company’s physical assets stored at multiple premises, Multiple Premesis Portfolio Insurance can also provide financial security against liability issues arising from employee negligence or customer injuries occurring onsite. Companies that provide services such as food preparation or delivery may also benefit from additional coverage related to product contamination or food-borne illness outbreaks should they arise unexpectedly at any location covered under the policy.

By opting for Multiple Premesis Portfolio Insurance coverage over traditional policies covering only one location at a time, companies can ensure their investments are properly protected regardless of any unexpected events occurring at any given site within their portfolio. This type of comprehensive insurance plan gives businesses added assurance that their assets will remain safe and secure throughout all their operations no matter where they are located around the world.

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Our covers

What we provide

Standard Cover

Cover for your building(s) including subsidence cover as standard

Inflation protection

by means of index-linking – bringing you peace of mind

Goods Cover

Protection for your goods in transit and business money

Incident Cover

Alternative accommodation expenses arising as a result of an insured incident

Liability Cover

Insures your legal liabilities to others and their property

Legal Expenses Cover

Extending to include Tax intervention Enquiries and Employment disputes

Free Consultancy 

Helplines providing free legal advice, tax advice and counseling

Business Helpline

Will put you in contact with a suitable repairer or contractor in the event of an unforeseen emergency at your premises

The Policy can be extended at your option to include:

The contents of communal areas

Landlords' contents in residential units

Loss of Rental income arising as a result of an insured incident

Liabilities to your Employees

Rent protection and repossession costs

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