Commercial Property Owner Insurance

Commercial Property Owner Insurance provides coverage for a wide range of property-related risks.

This type of insurance is designed to offer protection to business owners and landlords if their buildings or any other physical assets are damaged due to a variety of causes, such as fires, storms, floods, vandalism, or theft. It also covers liability in case an employee or customer is injured on the property.

The policy itself will vary from provider to provider, but typically it will cover the repair of physical damage caused by the aforementioned events.

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And also provide compensation for loss of income should the business need to close or relocate temporarily due to the damage incurred. In addition, it can also include coverage for medical bills resulting from onsite injuries and legal defence fees associated with any disputes that may arise.

For those who have multiple properties under their ownership, there are often discounts available if Commercial Property Owner Insurance is purchased as part of a package policy. Being able to use one insurer allows business owners and landlords to easily compare quotes and find the best deal that meets their individual needs and budget, an important aspect of this type of insurance is that it helps protect businesses against unexpected costs should something go wrong at one of their properties. It can help absorb some of the financial strain during difficult times while providing peace of mind knowing that they are covered against potential disasters.

When selecting a commercial property owner insurance policy it is important to remember that not all policies are created equal. Be sure to thoroughly review each policy’s terms and conditions so you know what you are getting for your money – failure to do this could leave you exposed in the long run if something does go wrong at one of your properties.

At LDT Insurance, we understand that securing the right cover is essential for your business. Let us take the hassle out of finding the insurance you need - our experienced team will work with you to find the perfect policy for your business. Get in touch today and let us help you get the cover you require.

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Our covers

What we provide

Standard Cover

Cover for your building(s) including subsidence cover as standard

Inflation protection

by means of index-linking – bringing you peace of mind

Goods Cover

Protection for your goods in transit and business money

Incident Cover

Alternative accommodation expenses arising as a result of an insured incident

Liability Cover

Insures your legal liabilities to others and their property

Legal Expenses Cover

Extending to include Tax intervention Enquiries and Employment disputes

Free Consultancy 

Helplines providing free legal advice, tax advice and counseling

Business Helpline

Will put you in contact with a suitable repairer or contractor in the event of an unforeseen emergency at your premises

The Policy can be extended at your option to include:

The contents of communal areas

Landlords' contents in residential units

Loss of Rental income arising as a result of an insured incident

Liabilities to your Employees

Rent protection and repossession costs

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